How to use

How to use my Mims Relaxing Belt?
  • Place the belt around the area to be treated (stomach, lower abdomen or back)
  • Turn on the belt by pressing the temperature button for several seconds
  • Choose the temperature according to the desired intensity
  • Enjoy and relax

Temperature settings: 

  • 55 on the display is for 130°
  • 60 on the display is for 140°
  • 65 on the display is for 150°

Notes :

  • Do not use it while sleeping.
  • Avoid prolonged use in the same area. If you have a problem, remove it immediately.
  • Do not be near hazardous sources, corrosive liquids or any kind of environment unfavorable to the proper use of the belt.
  • When cleaning, make sure to not submerge it into water. You can use wipes. After washing, wait until the product is completely dry before turning it on and using it.

Contraindication :

  • It is forbidden to use the belt in case of moderate and severe cardiovascular disease, always consult your doctor to get his permission when you are subject to health problems.
  • It is prohibited for people with skin sensory impairment or skin abnormality.
  • People with early gout or who have not fully recovered from gout are prohibited from using it.
  • It is forbidden to use the belt if you have cervical tumors.
  • It is forbidden to use the belt during pregnancy.

Advice :

  • It is recommended not to use the high temperature (65°) for more than 8 minutes.
  • We recommend that people with sensitive skin always use the belt over clothing.